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Monday, May 21, 2018

Long Branch: Lucky Me/Just In case

Lucky Me/Just in Case is the debut EP from Toronto's Long Branch. The three tracks are fresh takes on classic rock-n-roll sounds. Stylishly raw, melodically edgy and as smooth as a folk song, the band craft a sound driven by stunning harmonies and masteful phrasing. This is an EP that's good for all the right reasons, just tons of chops and is an absolute must have. Stream and buy LuckyMe/Just In case at the link below.

Something Within: Something Within

Ohio based Something Within have released their S/T debut album. The eleven tracks are pure formula hard rock. The guitars are grinding, the drums driving, the bass heavy and vocals right out of an old Scorpions album. This kind of rock has become so cliched and lacking of invention and originality that it is almost a caricature of itself. This album is no different, totally derivative and everything that's been heard before ad infinitum. Stream and buy Something Within at the link below.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Cubs Refrain: Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me is the debut album from Toronto Based Cubs Refrain. The fourteen tracks are synthpop, but not like you've heard it before. Gone are the mousey, hushed vocals and the cliche synth pads. Instead you have powerful edgy vocals with huge harmonies and towering refrains. This is an album that throws out the book and reinvents synthpop as a dynamic rock subgenre, embracing influences from retro New Wave synths to dynamic folkrock vocals. This is an album of imagination, originality and style. This is an album that is engaging, compelling and totally immersive. This is an album that is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Tell Me You Love Me at the link below.

Espanola: Outside Saskatoon b/w It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

 Outside Saskatoon b/w It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken is the sophomore virtual 7" from Toronto based Espanola, the project of frontman Aaron Goldstein. The A-side track is pure formula country. Just mainstream country radio fare. The B-side is much more interesting. While still formula and mainstream, there is at least some edge and real energy in the track, which is a slow altcountry leaning ballad. As a whole both tracks are good listens and enjoyable in their own right, but it's all just more of the same tame radio music. Nothing to distinguish this from the masses out their trying. Stream and buy Outside Saskatoon b/w It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken at the link below.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Soft Science: Undone b/w I Don't Know Why I Love You

California based Soft Science have released the virtual 7", Undone b/w I Don't Know Why I Love You on Sacramento indie label Test Pattern Records. The two tracks are trendy shoegaze with a solid radio patina and lustrous vocals. The tracks showcase a band that is tight and engaging, and you'll want to keep them on repeat. With a catchy feel and infectious beat, the music is a testament to the fertile musical ground of Northern California. This is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Undone b/w I Don't Know Why I Love You at the link below.

Lucy Wise: Winter Sun

Winter Sun is the third album from Melbourne based singer/songwriter Lucy Wise. The fourteen tracks are stylish folk music that recalls the great folk singers of the 50's and 60's. Wise is a troubadour and a story teller. her songs are totally compelling and are delivered with her stunning vocals that showcase her wide range and tender texture. Choosing ukulele rather than guitar as her main instrument, gives the songs a personal and accessible feel. This is one of the best albums we've heard this year and is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Winter Sun at the link below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Susie Scurry: The Elvis Hour

Melbourne singer/songwriter Susie Scurry has released the single The Elvis Hour, thew title track to her upcoming EP due in June. The single is a lament to a mundane life and the hope brought from a weekly radio show paying homage to Elvis. The track is sleek, chic and intriguing, with some nice lap steel lending counterpoint to a solid indie pop delivery. Scurry's vocals are soft and alluring, with the track certainly building the anticipation for the EP to come. Stream and buy The Elvis Hour at the link below.

Andy Ketch: New Comfort

New Comfort is the sophomore album from Chicago based singer/songwriter Andy Ketch. The ten tracks are a nice cross between Weezer and Tom Petty. With a good post-punk vibe, a bit of a lo-fi sheen and dominant acoustic guitar taking on the din, this is an album that is interesting, enjoyable and one that you'll want to come back to over and over again. No gimmicks here, just straight ahead power-pop delivered with panache. Stream and buy New Comfort at the link below.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Goodnight Texas: Conductor

Conductor is the new album from Goodnight Texas. The duo of Avi Vinocur (Stone Foxes) and Patrick Dyer Wolf are a cross country collaboration of epic proportions. The eleven tracks are a blend of folkrock, Americana and blues, so authentic only the entire country could contain it. This is an album that is stunning in its simplicity and exciting in the complex way that simplicity is presented. Catchy songs, great instrumental performances, intimate vocals and enough edge to shave with are the hallmarks found on this record, which is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Conductor at the link below.

The Deadeyes: No More Later/Narco

Philadelphia rockers The Deadeyes have released a new virtual 7",  No More Later b/w Narco. The two tracks are solid rock, that stay to an altrock/post-punk blend with the bonus of interesting violin licks. The sound of the tracks is quite thin and detached, and the tracks could benefit greatly from better production, but we dig what they're trying to do musically. This is an interesting record that takes some chances, comes up a bit short, but is a worthy listen. Stream and download No More Later b/w/ Narco for free at the link below.